Who We Are

Techies WorldwideCompany History

Founded in April 2003, Techies was launched at its first office in the historic Bastion Square of downtown Victoria, BC. The company first opened with only two staff members and a half dozen business customers but quickly grew to more than forty business customers in the first three years.

The original concept was to grow locally, then nationally and internationally. Little did we know that the worldwide part of our name meant that our Techies would service and support our customers worldwide in the remote and wireless future.

Company Today

Techies Worldwide provides next-generation, support solutions for small to mid-size businesses using a combination of services such as phone remote access, and on-site formats.

Techies is leading the way for a new breed of IT service providers headquartered in Canada, developing a robust direct-to-customer model for resolving urgent problems.

Techies comprehensive support coverage spans across software applications, servers, hardware devices, printers, peripherals, routers and modems.



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